The Mola Mola season is here and it is something you should not miss

Have you heard the Mola Mola? Well, if not, let me introduce to you this unusual yet beautiful creature underwater! You might as well add this marine life to your bucket list. Get ready as Mola Mola is ready to meet you in the depths of the ocean.

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Introducing the Mola Mola

The word “Mola” comes from the Latin word “millstone”. This wonderful marine life is also called the Ocean Sunfish. It has a habit of relaxing under the sun so you can witness it sometimes on the surface of the ocean. Mola Mola is a title holder of being the heaviest bony fish in the world. It has an average weight of 1000 kilograms and almost 11 feet in length! This amazing circular shape fish which its main body is flattened has a silvery color and rough skin texture. Despite of its size, it is incredibly harmless. Don’t freak out as this marine life can get near you because it is sometimes curious to divers. Mola molas are omnivore and jellyfish, school of tiny fishes, zooplanktons and algae are commonly their food.

Where to find the spectacular Mola Mola?

It’s amazing how this marine life can be seen to different parts of the ocean in the world. But you can witness more of its beauty in the depths of beautiful island of Indonesia. Since this country is rich for its lovely dive sites, the Mola Mola can be best seen in the island between Bali and Lombok, the Nusa Penida. The Lambongan Island is also a habitat of these creatures. The island of Bali offers you the unforgettable experience with Mola Molas. Be adventurous and try to take a closer look at this Ocean Sunfish.

Mola Mola Season

The summer months of the year, especially in the months of June to July of the year, is the best time to visit the iconic Mola Mola. These animals are usually seen in the temperate and tropical parts of the ocean. If you want to experience snorkeling, July to November is the ideal season to dive and explore the depths of beautiful Bali. Though it is exciting to witness the Mola mola, it is advised not to go if you are still a beginner. The Mola Mola season is quite risky because of the strong currents so divers should be extra careful when they go down the pits of ocean.

The Mola Mola is something you should not miss so be bold and dare to explore. Complete your diving experience by catching the beauty of this bony fish!

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