Above all else, safety is the priority. Not only do we emphasise on safety but our staff are professionally trained to handle all kind of situations and to be aware that things can happen in an instant. Safety is intrinsic in our nature when it comes to the work and service we provide.

When diving, as serene as the sea may seem, it is unpredictable and most times unforgiving. With experiences of over 10 years in diving, our trainers follow a systematic system when it comes to safety but they’ve also developed a keen eye and feel when it comes to navigating the waters. With Pebble and Fins, we ensure you that your safety is assured.


We all started somewhere and through learning, we’re elevated to the person we are today. We believe that learning can be incorporated in many ways, through play, experience, learning from others, mistakes, and successes. The only way learning can be fostered is through curiosity and the willingness to chase after it.

At Pebble and Fins, our team is dedicated to educate, nurture, and foster the curiosity in you. Ask about marine life, marine ecosystems, diving equipments, experiences, diving techniques, and more. We’re always open to questions, all that’s needed is but to ask!


Some lessons are taught, but only some can be learnt and remembered through experience. We believe that by providing unique personalised experiences for everyone, people are more receptive and keen to not only learn but also remember. It becomes a memory rather than a lesson.

Through building connections with one another, we can foster a deeper appreciation for diving. When you ask divers, many will remember their dive experiences, but at Pebble and Fins, we make your experience unforgettable.

Go Green

As a diving service provider, we’ve built a shared appreciation for marine biodiversity. This extends to our business model, what we educate people about, and the way we lead our lives as individuals. We always try to find ways to give back to the environment and ecosystem for all the wonderful things they’ve given us.