We envision a world where

our unmatched hospitality and immersive diving experiences

deeply connect guests and locals, with empowered communities championing marine conservation.

Conveniently located just an hour away from Denpasar Airport, Pebble & Fins Kusamba offers premier access to Bali’s coveted dive sites including Nusa Penida, Padang Bai, and Sanur providing a gateway to unparalleled diving experiences amidst the coastal allure of Kusamba.

Serving everyone starting fourth quarter of 2024.

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Pebble & Fins Kusamba Artist Impression

Isn’t just another resort;

Pebble & Fins Kusamba isn’t just another resort; it’s a beacon of sustainability, blending environmental stewardship with financial growth, promising an unparalleled experience and scuba diving.

Elevate Where Waves and Wanderlust Unite:

Your Coastal Retreat.

Situated across a sprawling expanse of 3,570 square meters, Pebble & Fins offers a harmonious fusion of comfort and luxury with 46 well-appointed rooms, accommodating up to 25,550 guests annually. Our resort boasts a range of facilities designed for an unforgettable stay.

Dive into relaxation at our inviting swimming pool, savor delectable culinary delights at our restaurant, and explore the wonders of the underwater world with ease at our Dive Center. Our meticulously landscaped surroundings create an idyllic backdrop for serene strolls or moments of quiet reflection.

Additionally, unwind and socialize at our vibrant bar, where the ambiance is as refreshing as the drinks served. At Pebble & Fins, every amenity is crafted to ensure an exceptional and memorable experience for our cherished guests.

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Our Timeline

Explore the evolution from vision to reality as Pebble & Fins Kusamba’s timeline unveils the meticulous crafting of a coastal haven, blending innovation and nature’s splendor.

Phase 1: Nov. 2023

Building permit, legal processes.

Phase 2: Jun. 2024

Approval of design and development process

Phase 3: Oct. 2024

Verification and trial of facilities and equipment

Phase 4: Dec. 2024

Begin with fam trip and aggressive marketing

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