About Boga Wreck

The Boga Wreck in Kubu, Tulamben Bali, is an 85-meter-long artificial reef created by the intentional sinking of a cargo ship in 2012 to boost marine biodiversity and eco-tourism. Situated upright on a sandy slope with depths ranging from 16 to 38 meters, the wreck has become a vibrant dive site, attracting diverse marine life and corals. Accessible to divers of various skill levels, the Boga Wreck complements the nearby USAT Liberty Wreck, enhancing Tulamben’s appeal as a prime destination for wreck diving enthusiasts. This project underscores the positive impact of well-managed artificial reefs on local ecosystems and tourism.

Wreck Dive
Accessible by Shore
16m to 38m
15m to 30m
26 to 30°C
Gentle Slope
The life that live beyond

Boga Wreck's Marine Life

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