About Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay is a world-famous dive site located off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. The bay is renowned for its dramatic underwater topography, which features a series of steep walls and cliffs that are teeming with marine life. The bay is also home to a healthy population of reef sharks, which are often spotted by divers. The water temperature in Jemeluk Bay is a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius, and visibility is typically very good, averaging around 30 metres. The bay is accessible to divers of all levels of experience, although a basic level of fitness is required due to the sometimes strong currents. The best time to dive at Jemeluk Bay is between April and October.

Wall Dive
Walk from Shore
10m to 20m
15m to 20m
Coral Reefs
Reef Slope
The life that live beyond

Jemeluk Bay's Marine Life

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