Bali Dive Site: Paradise Reef (Coral Garden)

Paradise Reef
Paradise Reef is just at the back of Paradise Hotel, that was how it was named. This site is pretty shallow, from 5 to 15m.The coral reefs cover more than 200m long, parallel to the shore.
Paradise Reef is good for both beginner and experienced divers. Marine life is diverse, parrotfish, snappers, ribbon eels, frogfish, and sometimes ornate ghostpipefish are found. Reef sharks often hang out around the coral reefs too. Paradise Reef is said to be the photographers’ heaven, because of the depth and good light penetration.
Night diving at Paradise Reef is as popular due to the convenient location, spanish dancers and hairy crabs can be found.
Location: Tulamben
Access: Shore Dive
Condition: Mild current
Minimum Depth: 5 meters 
Maximum Depth: 15 meters 
Main Attraction: Macro diving

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