SSI Free Immersion (Bali)

SSI Free Immersion (Bali) Course
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With the SSI Free Immersion specialty certification, you will be able to freedive using only your arms to pull yourself along the freedive line. This certification will give you the skills and knowledge you need to dive deeper with confidence and ease. In the SSI Free Immersion course, knowledge, skills and practical training will be provided ensuring you developed confidence and comfort to perform ascents and descents while holding your breath at depth.


SSI Free Immersion (Bali) Essentials

Join us for a Free immersion course in Bali and learn how to freedive like a pro! This course is perfect for those who want to explore the underwater world and learn how to hold their breath for longer periods of time. You will be able to learn all the essential techniques and safety procedures while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bali.

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SSI Free Immersion (Bali) Components

The SSI Free Immersion (Bali) course is made up of four different components:

1. Theory – This covers the basic concepts and principles of free immersion, including physiology, safety and technique.

2. Open Water – This involvesusing both head-up and head-down free immersion techniques to only utilise your arms to achieve the depth training depending on your freediving level. At least 2 open water freedive training will be required

Theory class

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Practical Pool Session

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Open Sea Dives

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Diving Course Open Water Component
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Why Learn SSI Free Immersion (Bali)

Have you ever wanted to explore the beauty of free immersion freedive techniques? If so, then SSI’s Free Immersion (Bali) course is perfect for you! This course will teach you how to freedive using only your arms, with a focus on high-qaulity equipment to increase the efficiency of your freedive. The head-up and head-down techniques will be taught. Here are 5 reasons why you should take the SSI Free Immersion (Bali) course:

1. You'll be able to explore the underwater world more freely without all the heavy scuba gear.

With SSI Free Immersion (Bali), you can increase efficiency in freediving by utilising more movement on your arms. Depending on your current freediving level, you can integrate this skill into your depth training!

2. You'll learn how to utilise your arms to help with your freedive.

Free Immersion is a great way to learn the techniques of using your arms through both head-down and head-up free immersion techniques to achieve depths while freediving.

3. You'll be able to move more gracefully through the water, making your freediving experience more enjoyable.

With SSI Free Immersion (Bali), you’ll be able to move more gracefully through the water. This is you will be able to understand using your body to assist in your ascends and descends instead of the regular finning techniques.

4. You'll be able to freedive in locations that are not accessible to scuba divers, such as shallow reefs and caves.

With SSI Free Immersion, you can freedive in locations that are not accessible to scuba divers. This includes shallow reefs and caves.

5. You'll be able to hone your freediving skills with more effective techniques.

With SSI Free Immersion, you can take your freediving skills with you wherever you go. This makes it the perfect activity for those who love to travel, as they can easily find a place to practice their skills. Additionally, SSI Free Immersion provides a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of free immersion, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your experience.

SSI Free Immersion (Bali) Topics

Understanding the basics of free immersion specialty
Getting comfortable with equalizing the pressure in your ears

As you know, diving involves going underwater, where the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure at the surface. This difference in pressure can cause discomfort in your ears, and can even damage them if it’s not equalized. Equalizing the pressure simply means letting air into your middle ear so that the pressure on both sides of your eardrum is the same.

There are a few different techniques that you can use on both head-up and head-down free immersion to equalize the pressure in your ears, but the most common one is the Valsalva maneuver. To do this, you simply pinch your nose shut and try to blow gently out through it. This increases the pressure in your middle ear and should help to equalize the pressure on both sides of your eardrum.

Of course, equalizing the pressure in your ears is not always as simple as the Valsalva maneuver. If you’re having trouble equalizing, there are a few other things that you can try. One is the Toynbee maneuver, which involves swallowing while pinching your nose shut. This can help to open up the Eustachian tubes, which connect the middle ear to the back of the throat.

Another option is the Frenzel maneuver, which is similar.

Learning how to safely approach and interact with marine life

In this lesson, you will learn how to safely approach and interact with marine life. You will learn about different marine animals and how to identify them. You will also learn about the different behaviors of marine animals and how to safely observe them.

Knowing your require equipment

One of the most important aspects of free immersion diving is maintaining adequecy for efficiency.

Socks – Neoprene socks are recommended to protect your feet from rope burns when connected to the free dive line.

Lanyard – Lanyard is an important safety equipment to be attached either to your wrist or ankle to ensure close contact to the freedive line.

Bottom Weight – The bottom weight must be correctly equipped to make descent easier and more efficient while too much weight can decrease the efficiency of the ascent.

Exploring the underwater world around Bali

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s no wonder why. With its beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests, and vibrant culture, it’s the perfect place to relax and explore.

One of the best ways to experience all that Bali has to offer is by scuba diving. The clear waters around Bali offer visibility of up to 30 meters, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced divers. There are also a variety of dive sites to choose from, ranging from shallow reefs to deep wrecks.

Whether you’re a first-time diver or a seasoned pro, a scuba diving trip to Bali is an unforgettable experience.