SSI Variable Weight (Bali)

SSI Variable Weight (Bali) Course
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The Variable Weight specialty will prepare your mind and body for your next freediving depth. it hones your techniques in skills and knowledge. Aiming to increase your ability in depth and efficiency in consumption.


SSI Variable Weight (Bali) Essentials

With SSI’s Variable Weight course in Bali, you will learn how to dive with a reduced air consumption in order to extend your freedive. This is a great way to improve your free diving skills and dive longer while enjoying the amazing underwater world.

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SSI Variable Weight (Bali) Components

The SSI Variable Weight course is made up of four main components: the theoretical classroom component, the practical in-water component, the final exam, and the e-certification.

Theory – Covers the academics of understanding variable weights and assessment via an exam

Practical – This will cover a stretching session followed by 2 open water freedives to learn the techniques to properly execute a deep dive using specialized equipment.

Theory class

Bali Diving Courses Theory Classroom

Practical Pool Session

Dive Instructor Journey
Diving Course Bali Pool Compound
Bali Diving Course Pool Equipment Area

Open Sea Dives

Divers on the surface of water ready to dive.
Diving Course Open Water Component
Bali Diving Course Open Water Component 2

Why Learn SSI Variable Weight (Bali)

Have you ever wanted to practise or perfect your deep equalisation during your freedive?

We focus on two things, learning the proper configurations for variable weight diving using bottom weights and acclimatising your body to pressure changes. Here are 5 reasons why you should take the SSI Variable Weight freediving specialty course:

1. You will be able to stay manage your depth better.

The SSI Variable Weight system allows you to try new deapths with confidence before going for constant weight freedive. It helps you to reduce risk during your freedive.

2. You will be able perfect your deep equalisation.

With SSI Variable Weight (Bali), you can try your new depth and explore more of the underwater world. You can also adjust to constant weight accordingly later.

3. You will be able to manage your own ascent.

With SSI Variable Weight (Bali), you can safely and easily freedive using a variable weight system. This system allows you to optimize your ascents and descends. This makes your freediving much safer and more enjoyable.

4. You will be able to conserve energy.

The reason why diving with a SSI Variable Weight (Bali) system is that you can try new depths and gain confidence.

5. You will be able to optimise your freedive.

With SSI Variable Weight (Bali), you will be able to clock some practise to what your body can adapt to the depths. This will help to improve your freediving experience by making it more comfortable and efficient.

SSI Variable Weight (Bali) Topics

Understanding the basics of SSI Variable Weight
The benefits of SSI Variable Weight

SSI Variable Weight

1. Builds confidence
2. Help you determine that you can go deeper depth
3. Practise deep equailzation technique
4. Manage risks

The difference between SSI Variable Weight specialty and other Monofin specialty

The main difference between this 2 freediving specialty is the techniques of interest.

The monofin specialty focuses on the types of finning technique while the variable weight specialty focuses on the efficiency of your freedive that may de dragged down by the weights you are carrying.

How to make the most of your SSI Variable Weight experience

SSI Variable Weight – The SSI Variable Weight specialty program helps you to expand your freeiving knowledge and experience by providing you with the skills and information you need to safely manage your weights.

This program is designed for certified freedivers who are interested in learning more about pressure changes and weights drags.

Tips for success with SSI Variable Weight

Adopt what you have learnt in your practise! With freediving, many techniques increases efficiency and with the new knowledge it can be implemented to your existing freediving practise!