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Sustainable Scuba Diving: 8 Essential Tips for Eco-Friendly Adventures

Scuba diver underwater practicing sustainable scuba diving techniques amidst a vibrant coral reef teeming with diverse marine life, showcasing eco-friendly interaction with the ocean's ecosystem.

Embrace sustainable scuba diving with our top 8 tips for eco-friendly underwater adventures. Protect the ocean and marine life for future generations. Scuba diving can be an eye-opening experience. From remarkable coral reefs and beautiful marine life to the stunning landscape of exotic seascapes, plunging into a watery world offers a unique insight into nature’s […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Diving Course In Bali

Bali Dive - The best place to learn diving

In the event that it’s your first time to dive in, why not do it in the best diving destinations there is on the planet? Yes, Bali, Indonesia, and here are 3 reasons why you should take your diving course in Bali: Bali diving season is throughout the entire year! Envision lying only 8 degrees […]

3 Bali Traditional Food You Must Try After Diving

Bali after dive indonesian crusine

Diving is not just about taking a plunge into the country’s waters. It is also about exploring its culture—and the best way to do that is through its gastronomy. Take a look at these sumptuous cuisines you definitely need to try on your next dive trip to Indonesia! Pepes (Banana Packets) Pepes is fundamentally the […]

3 Disturbing Facts About the Bali Liberty Wreck


The famous Bali Liberty Wreck is of the best go-to dive destinations for divers. It is considered to be one of the great sunken shipwrecks in the world. Situated in the northeastern part of Bali, it is accessible all year round that is perfect for all levels of divers. But how well do you know […]

9 Best Diving Sites in Asia that Every Diver Must Explore!

Bali Dive Sites - 9 Tropical Dive Sites Every Diver Must Explore Now

You are being left behind if you haven’t dived into these mesmeric sites yet! Marked for their tropical appeal and rich marine life, these islands in are considered prime and unique in the world of diving. Here are nine tropical dive sites that you should definitely include on your dive bucket list! Diving Phuket The […]

5 Bali Best Macro Diving Routes in 5D4N

Bali best macro diving

With all the picturesque diving destinations in Bali, it is surely hard to decide on which of these dive sites are worth the trip for your 5 days and 4 nights stay on the island. The east and northeast of Bali are perfect for photo enthusiasts because here set the most breath-taking creations on the […]

First Singaporean Bali Dive Resort on the shore of Tulamben

Bali Dive Resort - Pebble and Fins - First Singaporean Resort on the shore of Tulamben, Bali

Pure, adrenaline-loaded escapades! This is what the First Singaporean Bali Dive Resort in Kubu – Pebble & Fins – has to offer! There are tons of reasons why it is the best resort for your Bali diving adventures, you know? And here are some of them: Easy access to mesmerizing dive spots Yes, right! This […]

5 Reasons to Go Scuba Diving in Tulamben

Bali Scuba - 5 Reasons to Go Diving in Tulamben

So you may ask, why should I go scuba diving in Tulamben? Tulamben is a world-renowned little village that lies beneath the foot of Gunung Agung volcano on the northeastern coast of Bali. Here are 5 reasons why you should do scuba diving in Tulamben. Good scuba diving conditions in Tulamben Tulamben is best known […]

The 4 Best Dive Sites in Bali for Pelagics

Dive the Best of Bali in 4D3N

Do you know that Bali is one of the homes of the beautiful Mola-Mola and Manta? Here are some of the best dive sites in Bali that you may want to consider when you want to see them on the island of Bali! Blue Corner Having a deepest blue water color, this dive site is […]

How I Am Getting Ready for Bali Mola Mola Season?

Bali Dive - Mola Mola Season

Hey, divers! The Bali Mola Mola season will be up in no time! The largest bony wonder of the deep is waiting for you to adore so what are you waiting for? Pack your gears and get into diving! Here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for some Mola mola adventure. The Mola […]