First Singaporean Bali Dive Resort on the shore of Tulamben

Bali Dive Resort - Pebble and Fins - First Singaporean Resort on the shore of Tulamben, Bali

Pure, adrenaline-loaded escapades! This is what the First Singaporean Bali Dive Resort in Kubu – Pebble & Fins – has to offer! There are tons of reasons why it is the best resort for your Bali diving adventures, you know? And here are some of them:

Easy access to mesmerizing dive spots

Yes, right! This means it’s not going to be so much of a hassle just for you to enjoy the spectacular underwater because Pebble & Fins Bali Dive Resort has the easiest access to the most amazing dive sites in Bali such as the USS Liberty Wreck, Kubu Shipwreck, and Boga Wreck. The Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida, Japanese Shipwreck in Amed and Menjangan are also accessible through it. Pebble & Fins offers the best ways for you to enjoy Bali’s amazing aquatic paradise.

Quality dive without draining your bank

Diving doesn’t have to be so pricey! Here, here? That’s why Pebble & Fins Bali Dive Resort opens you up to the gates of Bali’s marine wonderland without ripping your pockets, and drawing black holes to your bank accounts. It offers super affordable diving and non-diving packages as well as diving courses without sacrificing the quality of its diving equipment and other amenities. For as low as $185 for non-diving and $325 for a diving package, you’re already in for an underwater thrill!

Dedicated to giving you an adventure-packed plunge

Pebble & Fins Bali Dive Resort is all about delivering you adventures and excitement! Plus, their packages are readily customized to give you the best diving experience ever. No need of stressing yourself over planning from scratch where to go. It has gotten that one for you with their well-arranged array of packages (e.g. 4D3N KUBU & TULAMBEN FROM $325/pax., 4D3N KUBU & NUSA PENIDA FROM $425/pax). Plus! Booking on their website is so easy and hassle-free!

See? With Pebble & Fins Bali Dive Resort, you just pack and go! Going on an adventure doesn’t have to be a pain in the spine. Book now with Pebble & Fins and you’re in for the best dive of your life!

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